Backward and Forward Integration How Companies Use Them?

This can save money and problems down the line, and help you create structures that will stand the test of time. Get live Share Market updates and latest India News and business news on Financial Express. Netflix was a platform to distribute films and TV shows created by others. Netflix streams more original content reducing their dependency on film studios and their licensing. Backward integration isn’t just limited to the manufacturing sector but has also been used in other industries, too. As I already discussed above that integration has two types, one is Vertical and another one is Horizontal.

  • There are at present three kinds of vertical integration within the market.
  • Costs can be controlled significantly from manufacturing via to the distribution process.
  • Besides, the new project will also increase ethylene production capacity by 200 KTPA from 1.9 MTPA.
  • According to Haney, ‘excessive competition’ served as a _________ force in leading to the formation of business combinations.
  • Vertical integration happens when an organization assumes control over several of the manufacturing steps concerned within the creation of its product or service in a specific market.

Ever-evolving consumer awareness and ever-changing agro-climatic conditions make it even more challenging to maintain business sustainability. Recently promulgated “The Farmers Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services Ordinance, 2020.” is likely to strengthen the Food processing Industry by strengthening its forward and backward linkages. Better compliance to food quality standards and thus expand market base. Backward Integration refers to that integration where Company expands its activities to upstream areas.

What Are the Effects of Backward Integration?

For a retail business, it can undertake more quickly to the changing client wants by owning a production or manufacturing firm that may create its products. For manufacturers, they may promote through the online and take advantage of internet marketing methods to drive traffic to their websites and construct market credibility. Forward integration is a technique that firms use to expand by purchasing and controlling the direct distribution or supply of an organization’s merchandise.

Currently, the government is running a scheme called Scheme for Creation of Backward and Forward Linkages to provide effective and seamless backward and forward integration for processed food industry. A knock-off is a copy of a product—a similar product but company-branded with company backward integration example in india advertising messages and packaging. Brand-identify producers cannot afford to sue for copyright infringement, as they’d risk losing main distribution through a large retailer. Besides, the new project will also increase ethylene production capacity by 200 KTPA from 1.9 MTPA.

backward integration example in india

They can also avoid disruptions in the supply chain that can lead to delays or cost overruns. Forward means one company acquires the distributions or sales channel for a move forward. Forward integration is the best strategy to take control of the overall distribution channel.

Peloton integrated backward in 2012 into organization-owned hardware manufacturing after initially relying on contract manufacturers. Peloton acquired Tonic Fitness Technology, a Taiwanese manufacturing organization, in October 2019. In December 2020, Peloton acquired Precor, a workout machine manufacturer. Backward integration are understood if we look closely at the production levels and technologies behind them.

Vertical integration advantages corporations by permitting them to regulate the process, scale back costs, and improve efficiencies. However, vertical integration has its disadvantages, including the numerous amounts of capital funding required. A agency can take ownership of its upstream suppliers and downstream consumers by way of mergers or acquisitions of specific elements of the chain. However, the organization can even choose to increase with out necessarily consolidating an operation, as would be the case when a company builds out its personal retail network. The oil and gasoline industry has been significantly active in vertical integration, as firms within the sector are inclined to have control over their exploration, production, advertising, and refining operations. In the construction industry, the quality of building materials is critical to the success of any project.


In this situation, where it monitors both the strategies similarly, it expands the overall market and captures the whole world. However, not all companies use those techniques because larger is not always nicer. Because both techniques have some advantages and disadvantages as I already indicated above. Recently in April 2020, IKEA acquired an AI imaging startup called Geomagical Labs. Our web design services help you in stand out from the crowd, increase your ROI and credibility. Our services will help your business by increasing brand awareness and build presence.

backward integration example in india

Later on, they started their own manufacturing to all distribution and sales channels so they can control and take the power of everything. So now you can understand how its impact if a company chose both integration strategies. If I talk about backward integration, this is a strategy of the business. So in this blog, you will know everything about backward integration and forward integration. Also, you will understand the different strategies and examples of companies. Tata MotorsI hate to be painted in a “for or against” posture, because my natural instinct is to talk about a balance.

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backward integration example in india

Netflix’s original material, rather than licensed programming, has been the main lure for its users over time. Many giant businesses determine to regulate sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and advertising of their products, as a substitute of leaving it to other corporations to handle one space or another. If a company was vertically built-in with a retail store, manufacturing plant, and supply chain, they would have the ability to create “knock-offs” of the most well-liked brand-title products. Its major goal is actually to spice up the overall effectivity and to cut down prices all all through the supply chain, subsequently bettering profitability and competitiveness. There are at present three kinds of vertical integration within the market. The first generally known as backward integration signifies that an organization possesses control over the primary elements of the manufacturing course of.

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For instance, an organization may lower the per-unit cost by buying in bulk or by reassigning workers from failing ventures. Vertically built-in firms get rid of overhead by consolidating administration and streamlining processes. All things considered, backward integration has helped keep the overall quality of building materials high. By allowing companies to stay in the business longer, one can stave off competition from bigger players that do not have to deal with such issues. Processes like these help companies to excel and showcase the true qualities of their products. Continental, an international automotive supplier and tire manufacturer, acquired Veyance Technologies, a manufacturer of rubber products for industrial organizations.

Typical end point of the sourcing exercise is to find just one source in the entire world, usually in Asia. One of our Phase III API supply projects for a UK based Biotech customer involved SM procured from a qualified source in Asia. Not having a second SM source was identified as a major risk in case of any capacity constraints or other factors such as local government regulations causing disruptions at this single source. Large corporations employ economies of scale when they can minimize costs whereas ramping up productions—they reap the benefits of their size.

The Ministry has engaged Technical Agencies for assisting farmer/ producer groups including Farmer Producer Companies, Farmer Producer Organization, Self Help Groups to facilitate their participation under the Scheme. The TAs are responsible for preparation of Business Plan, Detail Project Report, Capacity Building, Trainee and other related support services. Not only the farmers but the field teams themselves are also being trained by agronomists on the nuances of the crop cycle. To further emphasize on the importance, we have introduced ‘Efforts on sustainable initiatives’ in our employee recognition program which help to bring it right up to the plant level.

A clothing producer that opens its own retail areas to sell its product is an instance of ahead integration. Backward integration involves the acquisition of a supplier or the control of subsidiaries that produce some of the inputs used within the production of its merchandise. Forward integration issues the acquisition or constructing of a distributor, permitting the company to maneuver closer to the buyer through distribution facilities and retailers. Vertical integration is the degree to which a firm owns its upstream suppliers and its downstream buyers. This enterprise technique can provide an organization important entry to extra production inputs, process and retail channels, and distribution resources. Each of those elements can supply nice opportunities to the company to differentiate itself from competitors with the use of efficient marketing tactics.

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