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A qualitative process evaluation focused on systematically analyzing the Casas project processes and performance was conducted using archival information and semi-structured interviews. Sixty-two interviews were conducted, and grounded theory approach was applied for data analysis. We invite businesses in the community to Join Us with a Business Membership. Most people can’t, yet women have been creating visual, performance, and literary art throughout history. Still, Observatorio Laboral program shows that in 2021, female representation among employed professionals varies from less than 1% to almost 60% across computing and engineering fields. The lowest female representation in employed professionals were observed in automotive, marine and aeronautical engineering (0.9%), electricity and energy generation (7.3%), civil engineering and construction (8.8%), and electronics and automation (9.3%). Women are better represented among occupied professionals in the fields of chemical engineering (41.9%), environmental engineering and technology (43%), and food industry (59.9%).

The law called for government officials to take a gendered perspective toward victims and created the Gender Alert, a set of government emergency actions to confront and eradicate femicide violence in a specific territory. And Ecatepec’s government created a Women’s Justice Center in 2016 to provide women with access to free legal assistance. Yet despite the progressiveness of these initiatives, cases like the murder of a young woman in a local meat shop in 2017 suggest that they fall short in addressing the violence.

The murder of a woman or girl is considered gender based, and included in femicide statistics, when one of seven criteria is met. These criteria include evidence of sexual violence prior to the victim’s death; a sentimental, affective or trusting relationship with the perpetrator; and the victim’s body being displayed in public. To UN Women prevention is key, with emphasis on legal harmonization, women’s Access to justice, prevention of violence against women with the aim of exacting cultural and social change, production and management of knowledge. We launched the UNITE campaign to end violence against women and girls as “Let’s Paint Mexico in Orange”.

Even so, the branch of the attorney general’s office charged with responding to violence against women saw its budget cut by 73% in 2020. Civil society organizations and public officials tasked with protecting women were forced to do a lot more with less. Mexican laws do not adequately protect women and girls, including those with disabilities, against gender-based and sexual violence.

  • Unfortunately, the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has too often overlooked the most basic steps necessary to ensure women’s safety—and in some cases has undermined them entirely.
  • “The truth is that I’ve talked with them, told them not to allow themselves to be treated that way, because before, before we put up with the hitting.
  • Bernardo’s brother Isidro was detained three years after Nadia’s murder after her children testified in municipal court.
  • In addition, tens of thousands of women have participated in nationwide strikes to protest the epidemic of violence against women in Mexico.
  • Berman agreed on a later media call that a partnership with Liga MX Femenil was part of the NWSL’s overall strategy in approaching the international landscape.
  • She joined the growing number of mothers who have formed nationwide associations that comb the countryside for clandestine graves that might hold their children’s remains.

Liga MX Femenil is particularly popular with younger audiences, which Gutiérrez said was one of their larger sources of leverage. She knows they have to continuously ask themselves what they need to build that players will find attractive, thus the emphasis on becoming a big global brand.

Most important issues facing women and girls in Mexico as of 2019

Arranging themselves across the uneven pavement, each woman took turns sharing the stories of women who were slain in Ecatepec. Between 2010 and 2011, only four percent of femicide cases resulted in sentences in the country. In the years following the Mexican Revolution, visual images of la chica moderna, the modern woman, au courant in appearance and attitude, popped up in mass… In A City on a Lake Matthew Vitz tracks the environmental and political history of Mexico City and explains its transformation from a forested, water-rich…

The objective of this study was to evaluate the processes and performance of the “Casa de la Mujer Indígena”, a community based project for culturally and linguistically appropriate service delivery for indigenous women. The evaluation summarizes perspectives from diverse stakeholders involved in the implementation of the model, including users, local authorities, and institutional representatives. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic has added another barrier to women’s healthcare access, curtailing family planning and sexual and reproductive health services, suspending treatments , and limiting the supply of essential medications. Pandemic-related lockdowns have also led to increases in domestic violence andadolescent pregnancies and placed a greater caretaker burden on women .

Curing Inequity: Opportunities for Improved Access to Women’s Healthcare in Mexico

From 2006 to 2021, authorities reported having found at least 4,000 mass graves. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to see female participants within groups of voladores.

Mexico fires women’s team manager Vergara

The Interior Minister reported that by October, 1,506 people were beneficiaries of the Mechanism for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, of whom 1,011 were human rights defenders. He announced reforms to consolidate the Mechanism and strengthen investigations into attacks against defenders. The whereabouts of human rights defenders Grisell Pérez Rivera, Claudia Uruchurtu Cruz and Irma Galindo, who disappeared in March and October in the states of Mexico and Oaxaca, remained unknown at the end of the year.

Mexico fell 2–1 in the semifinal to hosts Italy before defeating England 3–2 in the third place match. The following year, Mexico hosted the 1971 Women’s World Cup, which has also yet to be officially recognized. An estimated 110,000 people attended the final at Estadio Azteca, which is the largest crowd ever to witness a women’s soccer game; FIFA has not recognized this attendance record either. Even as late as the 1960s, the use of contraceptives was prohibited by civil law, but there were private clinics where elite women could access care. In the circle of Mexican muralists was painter María Izquierdo, whose work is often examined with her contemporary Kahlo. Graciela Iturbide is one of a number of Mexican women photographers who have gained recognition. Amalia Hernández founded the Ballet Folklórico de México, which continues to perform regularly at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

ABy the term “indigenous” reference is made to populations that descend from native peoples of a territory that was later settled. “…there are thousands of cases in which they have had an impact, although slight, for example, to speak of violence in a place where the violence is terrible (…). What they told us was that they wanted a better legal process, because ‘we went to complain and we wound up punished’, so it’s very complex…” . The participants were recruited through convenience sampling in each of the Casas. The facility coordinators and research team then developed a mutually agreed-upon schedule for data collection. The study covered five Casas implementation sites located in four Mexican states.

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